SLST Club of the Year for 2022/23

Club Facilities Development

Kingborough Council advertised the proposed Training and Operations Centre to be constructed at 20 Beach Road, Kingston Beach back in 2018.  Due to timelapsed during the process of gaining DA approval, the costs increased exponentially so the funding the club had secured was not enough to build the facility. 

In 2024, the club committee made it a priority to reignite this project so our club could continue its dream to have a home to undertake all of its roles and initiatives.

Executive Summary:
Kingston Beach Surf Life Saving Club (KBSLC) is seeking funding support in the amount of 2.5 million dollars for the construction of a regional training facility to enhance the capabilities of the community in areas of surf and swift water rescue, coaching, first aid, mental health first aid, and surf rescue certification. The proposed facility has the support from Surf Life Saving Tasmania and is aligned with the broader community wellbeing initiatives.


• KBSLSC is proud to be the current Tasmanian Club of the Year and to have over420 active members, all club positions are voluntary, with approximately 200 volunteers active during the summer season. We have a 180 strong, 5 month nippers program every summer.

• As the largest surf club in Tasmania among 14 clubs, KBSLC has experienced exponential growth, nearly doubling its membership in the last five years.

• The club delivers the largest number of Bronze and Surf Rescue Certifications in the state.

• KBSLSC serves the Hobart, Huon, and Kingborough municipalities in terms of members and regular each users.

• KBSLSC has strong and committed patrol groups of 10-15 individuals ensuring a diverse range of abilities, and offering shadowing and leadership opportunities. The club patrols Kingston Beach and has Roving Patrols on Blackmans Bay Beach. 

• KBSLSC delivers youth leadership program, contributing to the development of future leaders in the community.

• Inclusivity initiatives include ensuring beach accessibility through the provision of beach wheelchairs and delivering programs for diverse community needs.

• KBSLSC holds representatives on all statewide Surf Life Saving working groups, contributing to the ongoing improvement of surf lifesaving practices in Tasmania.


Training Facility:
The facility will maximise training and de-briefing opportunities in critical areas such as first aid, emergency rescue training, coaching, and mental health first aid.

It will serve as a platform for delivering of the Surf Rescue Certificate/Bronze Medallion certification, essential for enhancing the skills and safety of our community and KBSLSC members. It will be a nipper education site particularly in using our off season more efficiently. 

Development Application and Realistic Costing:
A development application has been submitted to the Kingborough Council and project has been realistically costed, ensuring financial transparency and accountability.

Community Access:
The facility will be open for use by community groups at an accessible price, fostering community collaborations and contributing to overall community wellbeing.

Collaboration with statewide services and community groups will be encouraged to facilitate training and events.

Emergency Rescue Service Equipment Storage:
The facility will store all required equipment for the emergency rescue service, ensuring readiness for rapid responses to incidents, including those led by Tas Police and Tasmania Fire Service.

Community Connection and Collaboration:
The space will serve as a central hub for our 420-member strong member force, promoting connection, collaboration, celebration, and collective community capacity building.

Inclusion and Diversity Programs:
The facility will support and expand existing inclusion and diversity programs, catering to people with disabilities, multicultural communities, and community members over 65 years of age.

Diverse and accessible health and wellbeing initiatives will be prioritised, promoting overall community health.

Member Health and Wellbeing:
The design includes designated spaces for member health and wellbeing, providing safe and supported training and fitness equipment accessible to all levels of mobility.

Construction Timeline:
The project is currently in development approval process so once funding has been secured, the facility is poised for construction in mid-2024, ensuring a swift and efficient implementation.

Budget Overview:
KBSLC are seeking financial support amounting to 2.5 million dollars to ensure the full delivery of this crucial project, encompassing the construction of the regional training facility. The facility will have far reaching community economic benefits aimed at enhancing community safety, wellbeing, and inclusivity.

A detailed budget breakdown is available upon request, providing a comprehensive understanding of the financial requirements for the successful completion of the project.

Kingston Beach Surf Life Saving Club is confident that this proposed facility will not only enhance our capabilities but will also significantly contribute to the broader community’s wellbeing and safety. We seek your support in making this vision a reality, ensuring a safer and more connected community.

Any questions concerning the proposed facilities are to be forwarded to the club’s email address.

This is an exciting opportunity as the committee works hard to provide better facilities for our members.

Want to see the site plan?