SLST Club of the Year for 2022/23

Silver Salties

Fun, fitness, and friendship for older Australians

Silver Salties is a participation program for older Australians (65+ years) at participating surf lifesaving clubs throughout Australia promoting physical activity, social connections, and involvement in the surf lifesaving community.

Silver Salties is managed by Surf Life Saving Australia, coordinated by State Centres, and delivered by participating surf lifesaving clubs- like us! 

The KBSLSC Silver Salties program 2024 will have 4 activity sessions in 3 key areas. All sessions normally run for approx. 45 minutes.

All sessions are free unless you wish to make a donation to support the program (as has been requested in the previous years). Where possible the session will conclude with an optional coffee/tea at Clubhouse.

The Silver Salties program offers three exciting activities this season:

This activity will focus on two 40-minute sessions of water-based activities and swimming. The first session will be for those participants new to water activities and the second 40-minute session will be for participants who have more advanced water skills.

This activity promotes physical health including flexibility, strength, and balance as well as well as mental health through a series of yoga poses and mindfulness activities. 

‘Tai Ji and internal arts’: tai ji and qi gong offer a restorative and generative practice, not only for the body, to develop greater awareness, co-ordination, strength, balance and mobility, but also for the mind and most importantly the spirit!


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