SLST Club of the Year for 2022/23


Nippers need to arrive at training 10 minutes before the scheduled start session. They will initially meet in their age groups so that their Age Manager can register who is attending on that day. It is critical that Nippers register for each training session so that we make sure we know who is on the beach at any training session. If you arrive late and registration has been completed, please see the Age Manager so that your child is registered as attending on that day.

The training session will start with a discussion of any news for the day.

Once on the beach, Nippers undertake a warm up program and then rotate through beach, board and swimming sessions. These sessions are led by volunteer coaches, who are Nipper parents themselves. Accredited members provide water safety to ensure that Nippers are kept safe while in the water.

Early in the season, when the water is still cool, we will be completing the theory-based education required for Nippers to be issued with SLSA awards at the end of the season. By completing these sessions, Nippers gain an understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe on the beach.

After training, Nippers need to take any Club boards that they have been using on the beach, back up to the shed and wash them down. Once changed, a BBQ is available, as well as the opportunity to socialise with other Nippers and their families.